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Enterprise Disclosure Management - how to meet all of your collaborative, narrative reporting requirements and capitalize on existing investments in Cognos Products (TM1 and Business Intelligence) with IBM Cognos Disclosure Management.
This video shows how you can use IBM Cognos Disclosure Management (CDM) to break down reports into sections (‘objects’) so you can assign them to different users to work on with MS Office (Word + Excel) embedded as the user-interface. Users see only items that correspond only to what the individual user needs to do and changes are saved in the database, avoiding documents being sent back and forth between different users. A full audit trail is stored in the central database instead of on a desktop with tracking with time & date stamp. CDM connects directly to various relational databases using live data connections. All reports are automatically updated from source data.
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View the demo portion of our Outsmart the Competition: Connect, visualize and discover with Rocket® Discover webinar held on March 10, 2016
Today’s TM1 and BI business users demand speed. Quick and easy access to TM1 and non-TM1 data and high quality visualization at the speed of thought is now available through Rocket® Discover’s native Live Connect.