Solution Demos
This video runs through the new guided experience for creating visually appealing dashboards with the new Cognos Analytics solution.
When you combine Cognos Business Intelligence with SPSS predictive analytics solutions, you can see more and do more with your information.
IBM Cognos Dynamic Cubes, also knows as in-memory Relational Online Analytical Processing (or ROLAP) provides improved performance for dimensional-style reporting over relational data.
IBM Cognos Active Report lets you quickly deliver interactive dashboards to everyone in your user community, even if that’s tens of thousands of users. It gives users the flexibility to access vital information, and the ability to interact with these interactive dashboards, even offline. As you are about to see, it’s easy as report authors to create these interactive reports using the professional authoring environment in IBM Cognos Business Intelligence. Once authored, business users can access these interactive reports on their desktops or iPads, using IBM Cognos Mobile.
See an overview of IBM Cognos Express Performance Management, the solution that can help you gain deeper insights into business performance and empower you to react more quickly to changing conditions.