Solution Demos
Cognos Analytics has a new and reimagined user experience to make it easy for you to quickly point to your data, build a dashboard in seconds, and begin uncovering insights. Everything from the user interface, to dashboarding, reporting, modeling, and storytelling has been enhanced to make it easier than ever for you to drill down on your data and be confident you’re getting to the right answers.
See a short demonstration of a few capabilities included as part of version Cognos Analytics 11.08
Corey Mendelsohn, President of NewIntelligence Inc., speaks about his role and his experience as an IBM Champion with Libby Ingrassia, Worldwide IBM Champions Program Manager.
Embracing IBM Watson Analytics to increase marketing campaign conversion rates by up to 50 percent. Irrelevant ads are a waste of time for consumers and a waste of money for the brand behind the campaign. To help marketing campaigns stand out against the background noise, GroupM uses machine-learning algorithms to gain ever-greater levels of insight into the targeting, timing, and placement of ads—driving dramatically higher conversion rates.
This video shows how to set up a tabbed report in Cognos Analytics by following these steps : Create a list, create a crosstab, display in a tabbed format