Event Studio arrives to Cognos Express

When one needs to be proactive in business activities, Cognos Event Studio enables this proactivity. A powerful tool that, up until now was only available for Cognos Enterprise environments, is currently accessible in Cognos Express environments, without extra cost!

Cognos Event Studio is a powerful module that allows you to define when and why information has to be brought to your attention. For example:

Incorrect Customer Setup

Suppose that your customer process requires that when a customer is created, it has to be assigned to a Customer Group in the next step. During the past few months, the company has observed that the process has not been completed.

As a result, if the Sales & Marketing department tries to follow the sales of a specific Customer Group, the proper values will not show.

The solution is to gain visibility of the issue and rectify it quickly using Event Studio. You can create an event that searches for products without a defined Customer Group and, if there is at least one, it will run a report and send the output to the responsible person/manager to fix it promptly. As with every schedule in Cognos, the event could be scheduled to run as frequently as desired to ensure that no sales will be missing.

In the same way, agents can be used to publish information to the company dashboard, run and distribute reports based on conditions, monitor the status of the systems, react to specific kind of orders, etc.

Fortunately, IBM has enabled this potent and important component to be available as part of Cognos Express functionalities since the 10.2.2 release in 2015.

If you would like assistance integrating Event Studio into your company’s Cognos Express deployment, please contact us today.

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