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“CEOs expect their CFOs to do a much better job of leveraging the increasing wealth of financial information to play a more strategic role in assessing new markets, improving performance, and meeting the regulatory burden.”


Modernize the Office of Finance
and Sustain Your Competitive Advantage

Are you struggling to keep up with the financial reporting demands of your organization? Is your company asking you to find ways to modernize your financial forecasting?

Are you ready for an in-person, no obligation, consultation with Bob Sugar, one of Montreal’s leading financial performance management professionals?

In our custom consultation you’ll learn more about:

  • Creating in-depth financial statement reporting
  • Providing you and your teams with deeper insight
  • Improving the accuracy, quality, and timeliness of your reporting
  • Gaining competitiveness with enhanced reporting
  • Playing a more strategic role in your organization’s success


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Learn how top Financial Professionals are modernizing the Office of Finance in Ending the Era of the Financial Scorekeeper: 5 Steps for Preparing Your Organization for Life Beyond Excel.

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