Cognos Disclosure Management Express is available with IBM Cognos Express

Are your company’s financial managers using spreadsheets as their primary vehicle to generate reports? A manual reporting process makes your reports and presentations prone to human error, outdated information and have little or no version control.

The perfect solution to your reporting woes, IBM Cognos Disclosure Management (CDM) Express, is now available to customers who own or purchase IBM Cognos Express*. 

IBM CDM Express is a solution that helps midmarket (and multinational) organizations meet all of their obligations with greater control and confidence.

CDM’s features and capabilities available with Cognos Express include :

  • Embeds your current files in the report preparation process
  • Collaboration – enables many editors on the final version, all at once
  • Approval features – only authorized users can see certain pieces of the final report
  • Audit trail – lets you track who changed what, when and compare versions side by side

Watch this video that shows how you can meet all of your collaborative, narrative reporting requirements and capitalize on existing investments in Cognos Products with IBM CDM.

Contact NewIntelligence to find out how to start using CDM Express today!

*Additional Notes:

  • CDM Express for Cognos Express clients starts at $3,750
  • Customers with the Cognos Express Complete Connector just need to buy CDM Express Administrators and Users
  • At least one CDM Express Administrator is required; CDM Express users may perform all other tasks except administrative
  • CDM Express is limited to 25 users max