IBM Cognos Analytics 11.0.6 (Release 6) Highlights

IBM Cognos Analytics v11 continues to deliver ease of use for the business user without compromising IT functionality.  With the launch of v11 back in December 2015, IBM completely re-designed the Cognos experience to dramatically increase productivity for departmental and enterprise reporting.

Cognos Analytics periodic releases contain fixes and enhancements which can be installed on top of your existing software, preserving your existing settings and configuration.

Release 6 (R6) enhancements released in February 2017 include: OLAP (cubes) support in dashboards, dashboard widget connectivity, enhancements in mapping and storytelling, as well as shortcuts and report views.

11.0.6 (R6) highlights


  • Access to OLAP Framework Manager (FM) Packages (DMR, PowerCubes, TM1, Dynamic Cubes, Essbase cubes, MSAS cubes)
  • Analytic Gestures and Visualizations
    • Disconnecting Widgets
    • Mapping Enhancements
  • Ease of use
    • Summaries on new grid widget
    • Navigation paths now shown in the metadata tree
    • Better scaling for text widgets
    • Sort on stacked or clustered charts
    • Filter on date fields with blanks



  • Interactive viewer improvements
    • Performance
    • Lineage and Business Glossary
    • Freeze list column headings
  • Data module support
    • Query editing
    • Create custom calculations
    • Parameterized filters
    • Drill-through


Core App

  • Custom Folder
  • Embed/share report, saved output, dashboard
  • Shortcut and create report view



  • Pitney Bowes Polygons focusing on multiple admin boundaries
  • Postal code support
  • New map styles
  • ‘Refine Region’ data slot to disambiguate locations
  • Ambiguous and unrecognized regions list



  • New guided journey templates
  • New animations and effects


TM1 and Planning Analytics Integration

  • Dashboard support for OLAP data sources including TM1/PA
  • Support for REST connections to TM1/PA
  • Support for PA hierarchies capability


Haven’t made the move yet to Cognos Analytics (v11)?  With end of support for Cognos 10.x around the corner, now is the time to start actively planning your migration.

Contact NewIntelligence to book your migration with us and find out how you can be eligible to get a free half day of training on the new user interface.