Introducing #Cognos Analytics 11.0.8

The Cognos Analytics team has been hard at work on new enhancements, and NewIntelligence is pleased to announce that release 8 (11.0.8) is now generally available. This release tackles a lot of those small, but significant, enhancements that will help users get the most out of this smart business intelligence and analytics solution.

IBM has ensured that this release focused on addressing some of Cognos users top Requests for Enhancements, so this shows that IBM values and listens to their installed user base. IBM has also addressed some items that will make it easier to administer and manage your BI and analytics environment.

The enhancements touch upon all aspects of Cognos Analytics, but they are all focused on reducing the time it takes to get things done and making visualizations easier to understand.

A summary of the enhancements in Cognos Analytics 11.0.8 includes:

* C10 functionality that was not yet available in Cognos Analytics


Make the old new

  • Ability to select the Default run action per report* (latest saved output, always run the report with the latest data, open in edit mode)
  • Keep track of all your scheduled reports with support for Manage my schedules and activities* – see outcome of jobs that were run
  • Ability to select from multiple connections to a data source with support for ambiguous data connections (either multiple connections to the same data source or multiple signons to the same data source) for data modules and dashboard
  • Ability to save and output a report in XML format*
  • Ability to share a folder* – create hyperlink to a folder versus accessing an object


Ever easier to use

  • Easy tracking of dashboard usage with support for auditing
  • Faster data set creation with support for Design mode in data set editor


Make it your own

  • Upload custom images with Image library extension in reporting (on premise and on cloud) – ability to use in dashboarding


Communicate Findings through Storytelling

  • Apply selection highlights on timeline – able to record selection of a value in one widget and have it controlled in another
  • Kiosk Mode – Autoplay + Loop


See things clearly with Visualization Enhancements

  • Latitude/Longitude Support in reporting** – key part of mapping enhancements

** support in dashboarding targeted for next release


Modeling Improvements

  • Modeling diagram improvement – cleaner, more attractive, easier to use – ability to refine diagram to be able to see objects of interest


Support for 10.2.2 and prior will end as of April 2018, upgrading prior to that provides advantages to doing so sooner rather than later.  We suggest you migrate to the latest version as soon as possible.

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Catch a quick overview of the highlights of the new features in R8 in the What’s new in R8 demo video.