NewIntelligence has added a General Ledger (GL) Module to its Proprietary ICI Solution

NewIntelligence has added a General Ledger (GL) module to its proprietary ICI solution.  ICI was developed in 2011 by NewIntelligence, to address IBM Cognos customer pains by reducing maintenance and administrative tasks within IBM Cognos to a few mouse clicks.  NewIntelligence is continually adding new functionality to its ICI solution and passing the benefits on to their clients.

ICI GL was developed from customer feedback related to financial reporting problems that NewIntelligence customers were facing.  ICI GL allows users to move away from static financial reports that have no analytic capabilities to dynamic reports that leverage relevant GL information created in the backend.  ICI GL offers a user interface to create hierarchies for financial reporting that business users can manage and control.

ICI GL addresses financial reporting problems NewIntelligence customers were facing when specifying ranges to their GL accounts.  Customers were using accounting systems that required ranges to assign GL account numbers to their GL hierarchy.  This method for financial reporting lacked flexibility, especially whenever there were changes or additions to be made to their GL hierarchy.  ICI GL allows customers to easily modify their GL hierarchy without going into their accounting system.

ICI GL eliminates the need to create multiple ranges when assigning to a GL hierarchy.  It also allows you to tag income statement accounts to cost centres, without having to rely on custom logic such as the last two numbers of a GL account that determine the cost centre.  You can also easily assign any number of GL accounts to a specific cost center.  Overall, ICI GL allows you greater flexibility when creating income statements, balance sheets or a smaller subset of financial reporting applications.

GL Account Cost Centre

ICI now enables budgeting and forecasting at a GL level by allowing you to create applications specific to a certain expense type (for example, travel), and therefore facilitates budgeting expenses at a lower level of hierarchy.

To learn more about ICI, or to find out how to start using the new ICI GL module today, please contact NewIntelligence.