NewIntelligence now working with Montreal Finance Professionals to Modernize the Office of Finance and Sustain their Competitive Advantage

The role of today’s CFO is changing. So are the ways that financial professionals interact with their organization’s data. How can busy CFOs take control of their financial data to make accurate forecasts to play that more strategic role, while keeping up with daily reporting demands?

NewIntelligence’s soon-to-be released e-book “Ending the Era of the Financial Scorekeeper” will provide financial professionals with 5 tips on how to prepare their organization for ‘life beyond Excel’.

In the coming weeks, NewIntelligence will offer CFO’s the opportunity to sign up for an in-person, no obligation consultation with one of Montreal’s leading financial performance professionals. Follow NewIntelligence on LinkedIn now to stay tuned for more details – you won’t want to miss out on this valuable offer!

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