TM1 and BI Activity Audit Offers Solutions to ICI Users

Managers want to know how information has been changed but not want to have to deal with log files. They want to easily see if their licenses are being used properly without going through a plethora of reports. NewIntelligence has developed a quick answer to these issues by adding an activity audit for both IBM TM1 and BI to its proprietary ICI solution.


Our new application allows our customers to query all the modifications made in their TM1 cubes, analyze the changes and then take the proper measures:

TM1 Activity Audit 1TM1 Activity Audit 2

Cognos BI

To provide insight regarding the use of Cognos and how the license distribution can be optimized, NewIntelligence developed a reporting tool that provides answers to the following commonly asked questions:

  • How many days the users used the platform by month?
  • How many interactions are they doing with the data?
  • What is the trend for usage and interactions?

Cognos BI Usage

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