The Value of Dynamic Reporting

The most popular method of information gathering in corporations today is through ERP software. An ERP solution is a powerful, but complex set of sophisticated programs designed to gather information from the daily operational activities of your business.

In a typical company, mundane but essential tasks such as accounts receivable collections, supplier payments, payroll, invoicing, etc. are performed every day by members of the company’s administrative staff. They record vital information regarding inventory, sales, production, customer and supplier accounts, human resources, etc. ERP systems are designed to ensure the efficient and accurate recording of this most essential data and contain a wealth of information. But their complexity and reporting deficiencies do not often lend themselves to robust reporting. In more cases than not, report development requires programmers and developers, rendering reporting somewhat cumbersome, usually expensive and almost always time consuming. This is in direct contrast to the undeniable need for and value of timely reporting.

Modern tools, such as Excel, were born out of this need and have provided some answers. But their value is limited and can cause issues that render them less than ideal. IBM Cognos Business Intelligence (BI) reporting was developed to resolve this issue in a 21st century manner. This BI solution places control of this requirement in the hands of the users, the very people who know better than anyone what they need to be able to fulfill the responsibilities that their jobs entail and provide vital information to the decision-makers in the organization. The technology inherent in this software solution allows users with a minimum of training to create dynamic (as opposed to static), time-sensitive reporting, specific to the management requirements of the individuals charged with making the decisions required on a day-to-day basis. By placing this dynamic reporting and analysis tool directly in their hands, we not only eliminate the need to involve third parties, but also the time and expense involved in obtaining the reporting information so vital to today’s businesses. Additionally, the same reporting technology can be used by employees at all levels of administration to ease the burden of providing the information they need in the completion of the tasks assigned to them. From reports on current daily, monthly and annual management processing information, to historical data, to forecasting and budgeting and ultimately detailed analytics, this software solution will change the way decisions are made in the short, medium and long terms.

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