White Papers
Regal Finds its Sweet Spot with JD Edwards E1 & IBM Cognos Analytics
Jan 17, 2018
Regal Confections implemented a customized suite of IBM® Cognos Analytics software and NewIntelligence’s proprietary ICI software to not only meet Regal's existing needs, but also keep up with the company’s ever-evolving environment. Through the Regal experience, NewIntelligence developed the JDE E
Arani Sees the Light with SAP BusinessOne & IBM Cognos Analytics
Jun 30, 2017
With help from IBM Silver Business Partner, NewIntelligence, Arani implemented a suite of IBM® Cognos Analytics software that not only met Arani’s current needs, but also allowed for the company’s continued growth. Through the Arani experience, NewIntelligence developed the SAP B1 Quick Start analytics s
Bunzl Distribution – Solving problems for sales and purchasing teams by revealing new insights with analytics
Feb 21, 2017
For many businesses, operating on both a local and a national level requires a careful balancing act. On the one hand, it is important to allow each branch office to be as entrepreneurial as possible in addressing the demands of its local market. On the other, it’s vital to ensure that all the branches can wor
Integrated Data Preparation Tools for Visual Discovery
Oct 20, 2016
Visual discovery tools have played a key role in fueling the growth of self-service business intelligence (Bl). But in order to generate insights without IT assistance, business users need to be able to access, integrate, and manipulate data from various data sources. Bl vendors are now offering lightweight data
Top considerations for implementing sales performance management
Sep 25, 2016
After a considerable investment of time and energy, evaluating sales performance management (SPM) vendors, reviewing the proof of concept, and wrestling with the internal struggles of a needs analysis, businesses will ultimately reach the point of implementation. This milestone might bring a sense of relief and