Watson – What’s in it for me?

IBM Watson Analytics is a revolutionary cloud service that you can use for free. Watson Analytics was specifically designed to help people in all parts of a business or organization benefit from the power of business analytics. By enabling almost anyone to go to the web, type a question in their normal language and get results quickly, the barriers to powerful analytics would be all but eliminated and the access points would be endless.

No matter where you are in your organization, you can use Watson Analytics for discovery, answer questions and take action based on your specific requirements and individual agenda. Most importantly the WIIFM (“What’s in it for me”), is that you can actually use it. Advanced analysis has previously been limited to highly skilled analysts such as statisticians, data miners and data scientists. What a difference a day makes. Now with Watson Analytics this previously guarded secret is now available to the people who need it the most. Below is a brief break down of what Watson Analytics can do for you.


  • Identify leads and close deals faster to increase revenue
  • Predict more confidently which deals have the highest chance of closing


  • Prioritize leads
  • Increase conversions


  • Determining factors most likely driving revenue or loss
  • Identifying profitability patterns

Human Resources

  • Uncover the factors that lead to employee attrition
  • Maximize retention,

Information Technology

  • Handle technical support and maintain applications and systems more efficiently
  • Avoid helpdesk bottlenecks


  • Help with demand planning
  • Avoid supply chain bottlenecks or quality issues

It Has Only Just Begun

Watson Analytics speaks the language of your business, understands and engages you. It learns and improves over time and has and endless capacity for insight and best of all operates as fast as you need it to. Watson Analytics uncovers the most relevant facts and unforeseen patterns and relationships. This in turn sparks the right questions to ask and directs your attention to the parts of your business that matter most.

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