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Ten easy steps to using external information to analyze target sales in IBM Cognos Analytics

Posted By Shawn Mandel on August 31st, 2017

IBM Cognos Analytics empowers business users to bring in any external data together with Cognos managed data for greater insight and agility.  A common business use case would be to bring in your monthly sales targets for each sales person. Here is the...

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Five ways BI can Transform your Business

Posted By Shawn Mandel on July 31st, 2017

Many businesses inundated with data tend to tough it out with inadequate analysis tools because they are not aware of how or why business intelligence (BI) solutions can provide value. This article will cover the various ways BI and analytics in general...

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Data Warehouse Implementation for BI

Posted By Shawn Mandel on June 30th, 2017

Business Intelligence (BI) and data warehousing (DW) are separate entities serving distinct functions in organizations. The data warehouse, representing the enterprise information architecture, serving to achieve a “single version of the truth”, is...

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Forecasting Perfected: How IBM Planning Analytics brings clarity and vision to your data

Posted By Robert Sugar on May 30th, 2017

Budgeting and financial forecasting are critical planning and management disciplines that provide invaluable aid to business managers in the decision-making process. Most companies have business plans in varying forms of sophistication and use, that...

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