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Business Requirements Analysis

The first aspect in establishing a data warehouse, and the reason to practically have a BI initiative in the first place, is the analysis of business requirements for analytics capabilities. The first challenge is in the prioritization of the strategic analytical requirements, which usually provides the highest return on investment over operational reporting requirements, typically providing a lower ROI. Key factors to consider that impact the overall effort and scope of the project include: assessing organizational readiness, effective communication of upcoming changes to all affected, managing scope of users changing their own initial requirements and breaking apart the project into manageable phases with easily attainable milestones.

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Évaluation des besoins en intelligence d'affaires

Data Warehouse Design

Mapping key business requirements to benefits achieved by BI is where key metrics to be improved upon need to be determined. Beneficial changes to KPIs such as increased revenue, improved profit margins and reduced costs need to be considered in the data infrastructure requirements. A risk mitigation strategy should be built into the overall equation.

Business value can be achieved by addressing those high value, high priority BI requirements and translating them into a sound data design and/or model.

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Conception de la solution d'entreposage des données

Data Warehouse Build

A proven and sound data warehouse development methodology combined with a collaborative approach with the goal of giving ownership of the BI application to the business people has proven to be most successful. By building a more self-service oriented data architecture, the user community becomes incrementally empowered and productivity rises.

Implementing the back-end ETL process is usually done using an ETL tool such as SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). Depending on the condition of your source files (integrity, location, history), the complexity of the required transformations and the functional limitations of the ETL tool, you may have to write some custom code to enrich the ETL tool functionality.

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Planification du projet d'intelligence d'affaires

BI Architecture and Modeling

Standard procedures, guidelines, and conventions must be in place during the BI modeling phase. Establishing modeling policies is crucial for the DW and BI components and the relationships among them to function properly. The BI model gives way to the business applications which are the business processes that access data from the data warehouse through reports, ad-hoc queries, business dashboards, and so on. The latter allow business execs to act on the information to effect change in the company.

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Implantation de la solution d'entreposage des données

Project Planning

Ongoing management of the interdependent components of the BI initiative should overlap all phases of the data warehouse project to derive the highest business value. Often, companies are internally working on multiple projects in parallel, making it a challenge to manage the DW/BI project while respecting timelines, milestones, and realigning requirements with changing business needs. Until you know what the data warehouse effort will be, you cannot create a project plan and commit to any deadline.

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Modélisation et architecture de la solution d'intelligence d'affaires


After the new DW/BI project is implemented in production, the project team performs a post-implementation review. Lessons are learned from every project and there is usually opportunity to streamline the development approach by practicing more process re-use, avoiding redundant tasks, improving communication, improving estimation methods, identifying gaps in infrastructure, and defining critical success factors for the next project.

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Évaluation post-implantation

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Insights & News

Working with NewIntelligence as our IBM Cognos partner has been a great experience.  They are extremely knowledgeable, and their customer service is outstanding.  The implementation phase went very smoothly, and they have since remained available, even reaching out to us regularly to see how we are doing with the tool.  They have continued to patiently support us and help us evolve within the Cognos tool. We highly recommend the NI SAP B1 QuickStart for Reporting and Dashboarding solution and NewIntelligence as a Cognos partner for any SAP B1 company in need of enhanced reporting and analytical tools.
Carole Lamarche
Director of Finance
NewIntelligence listened to our issues and built a solution that met our needs with the ability to add more users and functionality as we grow. We see a good partnership where NewIntelligence will help us meet those challenges and empower Arani’s team to access good data.
Dennis Daoust
VP Operations & Supply Chain, Arani
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the NewIntelligence team for having completed the mandate of implementation of their Cognos solution.   Their promises have been fulfilled 110%.   Following last week’s training, the excitement is at its peak and our people are looking forward to make use of the solution on a daily basis.  A big thank you to all of you!
Pierre Allard
VP Finance, Regal Confections Inc.
The Cognos product has allowed us to expand well beyond the capacity of our existing operations reporting suite. It has given our corporate office and our branch operations the ability to create their own intelligence. The return on our investment was immediate allowing us to uncover inefficient areas of our business. NewIntelligence went to great lengths to understand the nuance of our business and build the product for us turning our data points into knowledge. NewIntelligence continues to provide proactive and timely support to the ongoing expansion of our business intelligence activities.
Jason Hollingsworth
Chief Information Officer, FLS Transportation Services Inc.

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