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Distributed Bursting in IBM Cognos Business Intelligence 10.2.2

Posted By Shawn Mandel on September 26th, 2015

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence 10.2.2 brings “distributed bursting” which allows a bursted report to be executed across multiple servers. This welcomed feature provides marked performance improvements due to the parallel execution now leveraging all...

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Modernize your Financial Reporting

Posted By Corey Mendelsohn on July 17th, 2015

NewIntelligence is very excited to announce that we have started a new office of finance practice to help organizations develop, enhance and modernize their financial reporting, analysis and planning solutions with IBM Cognos. It has been our experience...

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Replacing Query Studio with Cognos Workspace Advanced: Advanced Combined Filters

Posted By Administrator on June 11th, 2015

Even if IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced (WSA) has greater flexibility than the older IBM Cognos Query Studio tool, they work in different ways and the transition from one tool to the other represents somewhat of a learning curve.  Following are the steps...

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Top 5 pains in an existing BI Implementation

Posted By Shawn Mandel on May 5th, 2015

Having a BI system in an organization is among the top priorities for executives.  It has become an essential element in gaining a competitive advantage in a furiously fast-paced market.  However, no BI system can run itself and there is always going to...

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