NewIntelligence’s partners help us empower our clients and deliver value from data and analytics using the best technology for their business needs, which is why we’re excited to announce we’ve added Snowflake to that list. After getting to know the Snowflake team and the ins and outs of their product, we see the immediate value Snowflake can bring to clients in search of a modern data warehousing solution.

Why Snowflake?

  • – A fully managed, born-in-the-cloud data warehouse that delivers power, flexibility, and simplicity.
  • – Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the platform is elastic as you need it to be. Start small and scale as you grow.
  • – Connectivity options include: ODBC, JDBC, JavaScript, Python, Spark, R, Node.js and more.
  • – Powered by a columnar database engine designed to exceed your client’s data performance expectations.
  • – Snowflake provides you a flexible, pay-by-the-second consumption model without the upfront costs for the traditional data warehouse.