Accounts Receivables & Collections: A Most Vital Area, yet a Long-Forgotten Need

One of the most important and least innovated areas of business today is the area of accounts receivables and collections. Every ERP system includes a basic accounts receivable module, usually one that was conceived many decades ago, and not sufficiently updated to consider new and innovative techniques. Additionally, it may not provide access to robust reporting to alert managers on a timely basis when outstanding receivables and new or pending orders are reaching critical mass. Selling is vital to any company, but collecting these sales is critical to the well-being and growth potential of any enterprise. It is this need that NewIntelligence is addressing with its new addition to the family of QuickStart modules, created specifically for SAP Business One users.

During the last year, NewIntelligence has focused on alleviating some of the issues relating to cost, time and operational disruptions that need to be considered when installing, modifying and training users in IBM’s Cognos suite of applications. There has never been any doubt about the superiority of IBM Cognos applications in delivering innovative multi-dimensional reporting solutions in all areas of today’s organizations. Notwithstanding the serious inability of ERP applications to deliver meaningful, agile, user-centric reporting in a timely fashion to critical users, spending additional monies following major investments in these ERP systems coupled with implementation and training time has long been an impediment to management’s ability to convince upper management to further invest in this crucial area. NewIntelligence has begun to bundle Cognos reporting technology for both SAP & JDE ERP applications to deliver 21st century reporting techniques by using its experience and expertise with ERP solutions to significantly reduce the cost of ownership and implementation time required for a BI solution. NI’s SAP B1 Quick Start modules began with sales reporting; then quickly moved on to add quotations, orders, purchases, and inventory to the bundle.

Using the same strategy utilized in the earlier modules, NewIntelligence, using its experience, product knowledge and expertise, has collaborated with its client base to create a module for accounts receivable in its SAP B1 Quick Start solution – see our press release.

This new module will provide users with the world-class reporting capabilities that Cognos has always offered, allowing each user or group to quickly create user and task specific reporting, forms, notifications and analyses vital to delivering what Cognos has been critically acclaimed for: best-in-class reporting.  This has allowed for reporting, alerts, etc. to be designed by and for users with no need for IT involvement. Some of the built-in reporting capabilities of the new AR module include the ability to:

  • Report on multiple data sources across modules, view outstanding, paid, and applied invoices;
  • Drill-thru allowing users to dig deep into details in all areas of the reports;
  • Create alerts based on predetermined criteria.


And this is just the tip of the iceberg. As always, the true value of IBM Cognos reporting lies in transferring its creative genius to the user. NI provides not only the basic tools and offers some pre-canned solutions, but with the training included in the offering, it provides the ability to create self-service reporting solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Most companies, even within the same industry, tend to operate somewhat uniquely, based upon a culture created by their owners and managers. In addition, within those hierarchies, line staff bring their own experiences, knowledge and expertise to the mix. The brilliance of Cognos is in transferring this innovative ability to the user, without requiring IT intervention. This allows for the creation of reporting that best suits the needs of the users, enabling recipients to receive what they need in a form that needs no tweaking. Not having to involve IT saves time, effort, frustration and money. These are hallmarks of the Cognos solutions and because of NewIntelligence’s ground-breaking Quick Start solutions, they are now available to assist in accounts receivable and collections, one of every company’s most vital areas.

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