Improve your reporting by leveraging your SAP B1 investment with your current reporting and dashboarding tools with our SAP B1 Quick Start

NewIntelligence successfully launched their QuickStart solutions in 2017, out-of-the box reporting and dashboarding specifically created for SAP Business One and JD Edwards clients.  These solutions were created in collaboration with IBM to specifically address the business pains of SAP B1 and JDE clients at an affordable price point.

Both of our QuickStarts can also be delivered in a manner that will provide customers with just the back-end database, if need be.  Therefore, if a customer wants to use a reporting tool that they already own, they are still able to leverage our solution.  Even though our QuickStart is bundled with another tool, this can easily be decoupled to work with a solution the customer already owns or plans to use.  You can read more in our SAP B1 solution fact sheet.

Our SAP B1 Content Hub and JDE Content Hub feature our customer case studies and more information on our solutions.  Pricing starts as low as $99/month (certain conditions apply).

In short, our SAP B1 QuickStart solution is fully-integrated and not only offers dashboarding and reporting capabilities but also a budgeting, planning and forecasting module that can be added on at any time.  It covers 5 areas of the Order Book, i.e.

  • Quotes
  • Orders
  • Invoicing
  • Inventory
  • Purchasing

In addition, this year we recently added 4 more areas of the solution.

  • CRM
  • ATS (available to sell)
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable

Our QuickStart solution leverages the customer’s existing SAP B1 and basically sits on top of their existing infrastructure, providing them with an optimized reporting database and pre-built calculations that are fully customizable.  Implementation would not require any intervention from their SAP B1 provider and NewIntelligence’s services to assist with getting them up and running within 2-3 weeks are included in our QuickStart.
You can watch these quick videos to give you an idea of the capabilities IBM Cognos Analytics offers:

Quick Dashboard Creation with Cognos Analytics

Find, View and Interact with your data using Cognos Analytics

Contact us to set up a free, no obligation SAP B1 QuickStart consultation.

SAP B1 QuickStart Consultation

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