Discover What’s New in Cognos Analytics 11.0.10

The first new release of 2018 was recently revealed in March 2018. R10 continues to build on IBM’s recent trend of responding to its user base, by reacting to the top user Request for Enhancements (RFE) while delivering a plethora of ‘quality improvements’ too.

The following features are new or changed in Cognos® Analytics 11.0.10.

General Features

Create a URL

Create URLs to keep your files, as well as your most visited websites at your fingertips.


OpenId Connect Authentication Proxy

IBM Cognos Analytics now provides another provider type, ‘OpenID Connect Authentication Proxy’ in Cognos Configuration. This menu offers the option to have Trusted Signon Provider (TSP) for OpenID connect.

Jobs created by any user

Previously, only administrators could create jobs by clicking Manage > Job. As of release 11.0.10, the Job button now appears under the New button, which is available to any user.

Dashboards and stories

Export dashboards to PDF

Save a dashboard as a PDF. This familiar and popular method of sharing information makes it easy to print or view dashboards offline on a mobile device.

Drill through from a dashboard or story to a report

Drill through from a dashboard to a report. Get answers to your questions faster by enabling a user to drill through from a dashboard directly into a report with more detailed information, based on the filter parameters selected.

Data modeling

Relinking a data module source

You can relink a data module source to a different source. You can use this functionality when the current source in your data module is invalid, or when you want to replace a test source with a production source.

After a successful relink, global calculations and relationships in the data module remain valid, and reports and dashboards that are based on this data module can start using the new source without any involvement from report authors. The relinked source must be of the same type as the original source.

Other enhancements

IBM’s New Dynamic Dashboard Embedded (DDE) 

The Dynamic Dashboard Embedded (DDE) is a new, API-based solution that lets developers easily embed the dashboarding and visualization capabilities of IBM Cognos Analytics directly into applications using REST APIs.

We encourage you to take a look at the Requests for Enhancement list, as IBM product development use the results to determine the scope of future releases. If you see a feature you like, make sure you vote for it.

Check out What’s new in the portal dashboarding and modeling for IBM Cognos Analytics 11.0.10 to see a short demonstration of a few capabilities included as part of this new version of Cognos Analytics.

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