IBM Data Science Experience (DSX) Local Rebrand to IBM Watson Studio Local

IBM recently announced that effective October 2nd, 2018 they are rebranding their on-premise offering of Data Science Experience (DSX) Local to IBM Watson Studio Local and will also bring SPSS Modeler and Decision Optimization tools within IBM Watson Studio.

IBM Watson Studio was first announced in the IBM Public Cloud at IBM’s Think Conference in March 2018, which included the integration of the capabilities of Data Science Experience Cloud and a new interface for SPSS Modeler.

IBM Watson Studio was recently recognized as a leader in the September 2018 Forrester Wave Report on Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning Platforms (PAML).   According to the Forrester report, Watson Studio is a “perfectly balanced PAML solution for enterprise data science teams that want the productivity of visual tools and access to the latest open source via a notebook-based coding interface. ”It is designed for all collaborators —business stakeholders, data engineers, data scientists, and app developers —who are key to making machine learning models surface into production applications. It offers easy integrated access to IBM Cloud pre-trained machine learning models such as Visual Recognition, Watson Natural Language Classifier, and many others.”

The report evaluated 13 most significant multimodal predictive analytics and machine learning (PAML) providers, looking into each vendor’s current offering, strategy and market presence.

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