IBM Releases Planning Analytics On Demand

In May 2020, IBM released a new version of its Planning Analytics powered by TM1 solution, called Planning Analytics On Demand, that’s designed to be easy to purchase, easy to use and is easily affordable, as well.

Planning Analytics has been helping users migrate from manual budgeting and forecasting processes to an automated AI-based process for the past several years. With Planning Analytics, clients can identify meaningful patterns from data, extract insights, and build what-if scenarios to create models that enable them to begin forecasting future outcomes.

IBM has continually updated and enhanced Planning Analytics along its journey to the point where they are delivering a solution that enables clients to leverage the data from their MS Excel spreadsheets to generate dynamic dashboards that help them visualize insights in real-time.

In addition to the low price point and easy access, Planning Analytics On Demand, which joins the free trial version of the software, as well as the Planning Analytics Enterprise edition, lets clients add new users and applications at any time simply by adding subscriptions.

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