What’s New with NewIntelligence’s SAP B1 QuickStart Reporting and Dashboarding Solution?

After working with SAP Business One customers over the years and helping them with their reporting and dashboarding needs with our SAP B1 QuickStart, we have been able to grow our solution to 11 modules, with the most recently added one being “Delivery” – see our press release.  By analyzing our customers’ processes, we are constantly coming up with additional ways to help optimize their reporting automation.

SAP B1 QuickStart Delivery module file hierarchy

How did our new Delivery module come to be?  By looking at the process of how an order becomes an invoice, we were aware that some SAP B1 customers needed more visibility into what happens in between, i.e. the delivery phase of this process.

Typically, the order process for many SAP B1 customers starts with a quotation (though some companies go straight to order).  Those who use Quotes use them as a mechanism to provide their customers or prospects with an estimate.  SAP B1 users will in turn use quotations to provide them with visibility into information such as customer name and contact information, products their customers are interested in and the quoted price of each of the products they want to order.

The new Delivery module calculates all your costs, including freight, and provides the true gross margin, net of these costs.  Incorporating this step as part of the end of day tasks provides QuickStart users the business benefits of seeing this information prior to their orders shipping out, therefore knowing what their margin is before the product is sold, allowing changes to be made if necessary.

SAP B1 QuickStart Delivery module report long

The Delivery module allows QuickStart users to create a high-level report that displays the deliveries created from their orders with customizable levels of detail. They can view this information by customer and by order to track the number of deliveries that stem from any order.  This module is optimal for fill rate tracking and optimization as you can gauge the number of shipments it takes to complete order transactions.  Companies can also track and identify any deliveries that are not yet invoiced for a clearer picture of their financials.

To find out more about NI’s SAP B1 QuickStart or the new Delivery module, please contact NewIntelligence today.

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