NewIntelligence announces Financial Reporting Module Add-On for its SAP B1 QuickStart Solution

NewIntelligence has created a Financial Reporting module to add on to its proprietary SAP B1 QuickStart solution.  NewIntelligence developed their SAP B1 Quickstart in 2017 to help SAP Business One customers better understand, anticipate and shape business outcomes.  NI’s SAP QuickStart is an out-of-the-box fixed cost solution offered at an affordable price that takes just 2-3 weeks to deliver.

NI’s SAP B1 QuickStart solution currently covers 9 modules.  NewIntelligence is continually adding new functionality to its SAP B1 QuickStart and passing the benefits on to their clients using this solution.

NI’s SAP B1 QuickStart Financial Reporting module was developed from customer feedback related to financial reporting challenges that SAP B1 customers were facing.

With our QuickStart solution and new Financial Reporting add-on, our clients can now have access to full-blown GL reporting coming from their income statements and balance sheets.

This Financial Reporting module allows users to be able to work with preconfigured income statements and balance sheets leveraging the GL hierarchy that is already set up in SAP B1, and the ability to run adhoc reporting against GL journal entries down to the individual transaction.  As a result, users are able to see transactions for specific period, set of periods, specific GL accounts, specific project codes, specific cost centres, look at data by a specific transaction or by level of granularity, with their data rolling up accordingly, either to the GL account or to different levels set up in their hierarchy.

For more information on our SAP B1 QuickStart Solution and our Financial Reporting module, check out our blog.  Want to know how to get this solution? Contact NewIntelligence today.