NewIntelligence holds its sixth SAP B1 QuickStart Webinar on Getting A Handle on your Sales Commission Reporting on June 6, 2019

NewIntelligence held a webinar on getting a handle on your sales commission reporting with NI’s SAP B1 QuickStart, our out-of-the-box fixed cost solution at an affordable price that takes just 2-3 weeks to deliver, on June 6, 2019.

Attendees of this session, which is part six in NI’s QuickStart webinar series, saw how our solution utilizes IBM Cognos Analytics to empower users to become self-sufficient in creating advanced reports and interactive displays.

This webinar showed how our QuickStart can help you analyze your sales commissions that you are paying your sales representatives by rep, by customer, and by item; both a high-level summary and right down to each transaction.

Corey Mendelsohn, President of NewIntelligence, began the demo by showing how to create a dashboard on commissions information with NewIntelligence’s SAP B1 QuickStart Solution. He showed how to add measures like gross profit and net sales & filter on item family and bill to customer group. He also showed how to choose 2 measures to visualize commissions by salespeople in a bar graph and then change your visualization to a word cloud to interact further with the information displayed.

Corey then demonstrated how to create a new cross-tab report with NewIntelligence’s SAP B1 QuickStart on net sales, gross profits and commissions by salesperson, how to do calculations on these measures. He then showed how to nest ‘ship to groups’ and drill down on that information by rep right down to a specific customer.

Finally, Corey did a demo of how to interact using NI’s SAP B1 QuickStart with a pre-created commissions report on a specific item family, by salesperson, by customer group and by invoice. He showed how you can add measures like sales quantity, charges, discounts and bill-to customer group to this pre-created report and then demonstrated how to get a summary of all customer groups broken down by commissions.

To watch the replay of the full webinar click on the button below:

SAP B1 Commissions Reporting Webinar Replay