NewIntelligence Makes AP Module Available as part of its SAP B1 QuickStart Solution

NewIntelligence, using its experience, product knowledge and expertise, has collaborated with its client base to create a module for accounts payable in its SAP B1 QuickStart solution.

The AP module is now available as part of NI’s SAP B1 QuickStart.  This module allows SAP B1 users to add business intelligence to their accounts payable processes and in turn facilitates decision-making.

The AP module provides an end-to-end insight that gives everyone from CFO to Executives fast, insightful, and appropriate answers to critical business questions in the following areas:

Payables Analysis

Who are the Top 10 Outstanding Vendors for overall outstanding payment by age category and “What if Analysis” of the same on a particular future date?

Cash Management

Can we leverage “Predictive Analysis” in monetary terms for capitalizing discounts and analyse the impact of invoice payments at par versus paid after the due date?

Strategic Analysis

What is the Number and average value of un-reconciled Line Items? Timely settlement of un-reconciled items and incorporating effective reconciliation management processes can reduce operating costs and lead to substantial write-offs.

Payables Performance Management

What is the average number of invoices paid per accounts payable (A/P) payment?


Besides reducing the cost and error rate, our solution can improve the AP process with respect to compliance, i.e. custom rules that validate contract data including payment terms and invoices can be custom-defined.  This data redefines approval workflows, such as routing invoices for expired contracts to the respective person.

Our SAP B1 QuickStart solution can help you empower your company’s Accounts Payable function with modern business intelligence technologies that will improve effectiveness and efficiency in your business while maintaining strict control cash disbursements.

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