What our partnership with ZAP BI means for you

NewIntelligence believes in evolving, not only as an organization, but also alongside our customers, as they grow and their needs change. This frame of mind is what encouraged our recent partnership with ZAP BI, which we announced in last month’s press release.

A Sneak Peek of NewIntelligence & ZAP BI

If you’re still hesitant about the benefits of automating analytics and reporting from SAP Business One and various ERP systems, don’t be! Human errors and manual reporting are ultimate time consumers for various departments within your organization who could be focusing on other projects and strategy. Is your infrastructure scattered, incomplete, or even MIA? No problem! NewIntelligence and ZAP BI‘s solution can be deployed in your environment under a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, which will allow for full reporting capabilities within the cloud. This cost-effective option caters to clients running MS Dynamics, Salesforce and Sage, to name a few.

Looking to have the data from SAP Business One, various ERP systems and CRMs available in one place? Looking to maximize your BI software’s potential by increasing its ROI and insight? Look no further!

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