2 SAP Business One Reporting Issues You Can Run Into…

… and how QuickStart can help you resolve them.

Millions of businesses are using SAP Business One to get the data they need in order to run a smart, efficient, and lucrative business. Despite the investment, many companies still experience challenges when it comes to getting accurate and organized data in a timely manner. Here are 2 SAP Business One reporting issues that can be solved when adopting NewIntelligence’s QuickStart for SAP B1.

1.Data Governance

Managers and leaders from different departments of your company can struggle with data governance. Various department heads can have access to their data within SAP B1, but QuickStart can offer an infrastructure that allows full transparency and fosters clarity and collaborative efforts that will make your company run smarter. QuickStart allows you to gain access to accurate data quickly, without having to wait for or ask another department head or IT. This allows you to make better decisions as an organization.


2.Complicated and slow manual data management  

Speaking of IT, having manual data management processes in place eats away at a vast amount of time your teams could be using more efficiently.  Your IT professionals could be empowered to automate a majority of what is usually requested of them by users. What’s the advantage? Your IT department could be free to work on other projects or spend more time dealing with critical issues. Managers or other users, who generally rely on IT to get some of their reports, can be empowered to work autonomously. QuickStart and its various modules, which leverages IBM Cognos Analytics, were created with the user in mind and its easy-to-use reports and dashboards are proof of that.


Take Away: QuickStart is not a replacement for SAP B1, it is a plug-in that can enhance your relationship with your data and allow your teams to work faster and smarter, making your SAP B1 investment worthwhile. Click here to book a free consultation with one of your Business Intelligence experts today!



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