NewIntelligence Releases Sales Budgeting & Forecasting Module Add-On for its SAP B1 QuickStart Solution

NewIntelligence has created a Sales Budgeting and Forecasting module to add on to its proprietary SAP B1 QuickStart solution.  NewIntelligence developed their SAP B1 Quickstart in 2017 to help SAP Business One customers better understand, anticipate and shape business outcomes.  NI’s SAP QuickStart is an out-of-the-box fixed cost solution offered at an affordable price that takes just 2-3 weeks to deliver.

NI’s SAP B1 QuickStart solution currently covers 12 modules.  NewIntelligence is continually adding new functionality to its SAP B1 QuickStart and passing the benefits on to their clients using this solution.

Our new and recently released Sales Budgeting & Forecasting module was developed from feedback from SAP B1 customers related to challenges that they were facing when it came to Sales Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting.

With our QuickStart solution and Sales Budgeting & Forecasting add-on, our clients can now have better Sales Budgeting and Forecasting capability with their SAP B1 environment.  Our new module also resolves such challenges as:

  • difficulty creating budgets and forecasts because they are too time consuming or difficult to manage;
  • budgeting at different levels of granularity with several combinations that normally makes the process too overwhelming.

Our new module provides you with the ability to see how you are doing not only this year versus last year but what you plan to do this year by various attributes like salesman, customer and product.  Furthermore, you can now analyze the impact of changes to your budget or your forecast with a few simple clicks of a button.

For more information on our SAP B1 QuickStart Solution and our Financial Reporting module and how to get them, read our latest blog and contact NewIntelligence today.