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Training Services

Our team is committed to the quality of its training services. We know that your solution’s success requires your team to utilize the products quickly and efficiently. To meet these needs, we offer training services designed to maximize the value of your investment. We offer a diverse portfolio of education services designed for your particular needs ranging from standardized to fully customized curricula.

NewIntelligence can provide BI training to your users, wherever you are in the implementation process of your BI solution.  Choose whatever option suits your firm’s situation:

  • After the initial implementation is complete:
    • Personalized training can be given using your data once it has already gone through user acceptance testing;
    • Get added value from practical exercises applicable to your business.
  • Early in the implementation phases:
    • Appropriate if your user community lack fundamental BI skills;
    • Offering training using sample data quickly ramps up basic BI tools skills.
  • A combination of using sample data and actual business data:
    • Sample data training allows users to focus on how to get around the solution and reduces distraction by real-time data;
    • Your trusted information is used to add value to the curriculum by covering true business scenarios.

Here are some of the value-added features and benefits that NewIntelligence personalized training sessions offer:

  • Seasoned trainers that have implemented BI solutions at hundreds of clients and have over 15 years practical training experience;
  • Onsite training at your offices in both English and French for groups of up to 8 to 10 users;
  • Management of larger groups with either an assigned mediator from your organization, or splitting the training into groups according to skill levels, allowing for optimal management;
  • A customized training curriculum designed to be engaging, interactive and collaborative;
  • Instructor-led demos as well as hands-on exercises and workshops for users to follow with some guidance;
  • Trainers that connect with their audience by continuously scanning for disengaged participants. Trainers improvise and will tailor the order of the modules and exercises to keep participants engaged;
  • Participants are called upon to provide answers or contribute in order to facilitate discussion and encourage learning;
  • Scheduled breaks built in to give users a chance to digest the material.

NewIntelligence is the only BI training organization in Quebec approved by the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail for the purposes of the Act to promote the development and recognition of labor skills.

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We listen carefully to each client to understand their specific business needs, and then develop customized consulting solutions to specifically meet those needs. To discuss your business project in confidence with the NewIntelligence team, please call us or email us at