Solution Demos
NewIntelligence's SAP B1 QuickStart explained in 30 seconds
As an ASUG Associate Partner, NewIntelligence sponsored a webcast on September 19, 2019 on our Customer Case Study - Arani Sees the light with SAP Business One Quick Start & IBM Cognos Analytics.
This demo clip shows how to work with pre-created income statement reports in IBM Cognos Analytics with NI’s SAP B1 Quickstart and Financial Reporting add-on module. We first look at an actual versus budget income statement and then at a report showing debits and credits for a specific period, showing how you can filter on marketing expenses, broken down by GL account, and how to add additional information to the report.
This demo shows how you can explore GL income statement and balance sheet information in Excel such as GL Periods, Chart of Accounts, Versions (Actual versus Budget) and GL measures using our SAP B1 QuickStart solution and our new Financial Reporting add-on module.
This demo clip shows how to interact using NI's SAP B1 QuickStart with a pre-created commissions report on a specific item family, by salesperson, by customer group and by invoice. It shows how you can add measures like sales quantity, charges, discounts and bill-to customer group to this pre-created report and then demonstrates how to get a summary of all customer groups broken down by commissions .