Communication Consent

is a leading provider of IBM solutions for business intelligence, performance management and data warehousing. Its experience over the past twenty years has led the company to work with several hundred unique customers. Thus, your email address is registered in our database.

To maintain good business relationship with you, we announce our new obligations to you. Under the new Canadian Bill C-28, all businesses in Canada are obliged to obtain a new consent from their customers for any type of electronic communication issued by commercial email, sms, or via social networks.

At NewIntelligence, our mission is to offer the best service to our customers. That said, we want to be transparent with you and we want to ensure that all our clients have access to relevant information about our solutions and services.

Please note that our newsletters are sent to a maximum frequency of once per quarter. We want to keep you informed without increasing the traffic in your inbox.

Click here for more information on Bill C-28.