Announcing the latest Release (11.0.5) of IBM Cognos Analytics

It’s been about a year since IBM launched Cognos Analytics to the market and they have continued to add more capabilities that give business users the power to create great-looking reports and dashboards themselves.

Cognos users have since been enabled easily tell stories with their trusted data, share it with others and make decisions faster. All of this occurs within a managed, self-service environment.

The latest release of Cognos Analytics, 11.0.5, continues to add more features that allow users to bring their data to life, make their data work for them and provide them with analytics they can trust.

The new capabilities in Cognos Analytics include:

  • Geospatial Mapping features – add mapping information to your dashboards and reports to see geographic trends and patterns in your data
  • RAVE2 – the latest version of the IBM Rapidly Adaptive Visualization Engine 2 offers improved visualization and an expanded range of supported chart types
  • The ability to pin column headers – easily see and edit all filters that have been applied
  • Enhancements to storytelling – allows users to easily create infographics and layouts that guide the flow of their story
  • Smart modeling – guides users through the creation of a data module
  • Support for Navigation paths – enables users to define drill paths using any sequence chosen
  • Create a dashboard off a Framework Manager package – supports content created in Cognos BI by accessing Relational Framework Manager packages in Cognos Analytics
  • Support for linked data modules – enables data modules to be re-used by others upon which to build new modules, while preserving a link to the original data module. Benefits of re-use include time savings, no duplication of effort, and the ability to create once and distribute widely, while still maintaining integrity of the original data module
  • A new custom URLs capability – embed and share Cognos dashboards, stories and reports
  • New visualizations types available for Reports – this includes additional properties
  • Role customization – homepages, features and themes can all be customized

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