Solution Demos
This video shows how to set up a tabbed report in Cognos Analytics by following these steps : Create a list, create a crosstab, display in a tabbed format
You can access Planning Analytics Workspace from an Apple iPad. It only allows you to work in Consumer mode. In this video, you’ll learn the best practices for building IBM Planning Analytics Workspace books and some important gestures for consumption on the iPad.
This video provides an overview of the key features of IBM Cognos Analytics. All these features can empower business users to create reports and make better-informed decisions. Customer testimonials reveal how they can work in practice.
IBM makes it easier than ever to plan, budget and forecast from one point of view. Try IBM Planning Analytics for free today:
Want to know what people are saying about Watson Analytics? Check out these highlights from the Watson Analytics Signature Moment held in New York on 14 Oct. 2015.