Solution Demos
New reporting capabilities are coming to IBM Cognos Analytics. Deliver much more than just stunning results -- discover how to make your data work for you, brilliantly.
In this video, see some of the new capabilities coming to IBM Cognos Analytics, including customized color palettes, the ability to snap-to-grid, custom polygons, lasso elements, and automated visualizations where the system will recommend the most useful visualization for your selected data.
What could you do with advanced data exploration tools? Discover the breadth of your potential and how you can explore and understand your data better than ever with some new capabilities coming to IBM Cognos Analytics.
The all-new IBM Cognos Analytics is the first version that infuses advanced analytics and AI automation through the whole user experience.
It’s time for a new, smarter generation of business intelligence. It's time for IBM Cognos Analytics 11.1. Built for businesses big or small, this latest release of Cognos Analytics helps you drive smarter decisions throughout your organization with an all-in-one platform for all your self-service.