Fischer Technology, Inc.

“Fischer Technology, Inc. has been using SAP B1 since 2010 and, until recently, relying extensively on queries to extract information for management and analytical purposes.  This reliance on queries presented several issues: a select few technical employees with little or no knowledge of the underlying purposes were the ones creating reports, results were depended on who created the query such that we did not know which report to trust, there were delays between need and resulting reports, just to name a few.

NewIntelligence (NI) approached us in Q4 2018 with an intriguing solution to our frustrating problems.  We were sold after one demonstration of their NI SAP B1 QuickStart for Reporting and Dashboarding solution (powered by IBM Cognos) and rapidly signed up.  The implementation phase lasted only a few weeks and by the end of January we were up and running, no longer relying on queries.  The NI SAP B1 QuickStart solution proved to be very user-friendly, intuitive, and quite easy to master.

Working with NewIntelligence as our IBM Cognos partner has been a great experience.  They are extremely knowledgeable, and their customer service is outstanding.  The implementation phase went very smoothly, and they have since remained available, even reaching out to us regularly to see how we are doing with the tool.  They have continued to patiently support us and help us evolve within the Cognos tool.

Since implementing the NI SAP B1 QuickStart, we have not looked back and users now panic if the server is down and they cannot access the tool.  Not only do we have reliable much-needed dashboards and analytics, we are now able to easily and quickly create ad-hoc reports.  In fact, some of us no longer even log into SAP to get information as it is much easier to create a quick Cognos report. Basically, if it’s in SAP, you can access it.

We highly recommend the NI SAP B1 QuickStart for Reporting and Dashboarding solution and NewIntelligence as a Cognos partner for any SAP B1 company in need of enhanced reporting and analytical tools.”

Carole Lamarche
Director of Finance
Fischer Technology, Inc.

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